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  1. Within the framework of national development strategies and policies, annual program and government program, to develop the medium and long term strategies and policies of the administration and to undertake the needed studies to define the goals..
  2. To develop performance and quality principles for the subjects about the administration's missions and to perform other duties to be assigned within this scope.
  3. To gather, analyze and interprate information and data about the management of the administration and the improvement of services and performance.
  4. To examine the external factors that might infuence the services of the administration, to conduct an internal capacity research, to analyze the effectiveness and satisfaction level of the services and to conduct general research.
  5. To run services about management information systems.
  6. To carry out the secretarial services of the Strategy Development Board, if established in the administration.
  7. To coordinate the preparation of the strategic plan and performance program of the administration and to provide work for consolidating the results.
  8. To prepare the administrative budget, which includes the budget estimates of the following two years, in accordance with the strategic plan and annual performance program, and to monitor and evaluate the compliance of the administrative activities with them.
  9. To prepare a detailed spending program within the framework of the budget principles and principles to be determined in accordance with the legislation and to ensure that the appropriation is sent to the relevant units by considering the service requirements.
  10. To keep budget records, to collect and evaluate data on budget implementation results and to prepare financial statistics with budget final account.
  11. To effectuate revenues of the administration within the framework of related legislation, to engage in pursuit and collection transactions of revenues and assets.
  12. To carry out accounting services in administrations outside the scope of the general budget.
  13. To prepare the annual report of the administration based on the annual reports prepared by the spending units.
  14. To formulate condensed statement for movable and immovable properties possessed or used by the administration.
  15. To coordinate the preparation of the investment program of the administration, to monitor the implementation results and to prepare the annual investment evaluation report.
  16. To carry out and finalize the financial affairs and transactions of the administration that must be followed by other administrations.
  17. To provide necessary information and consultancy to the top manager and expenditure officers on the implementation of other legislation related to financial laws.
  18. To carry out preliminary financial control activity.
  19. To work on the founding of the internal control system, implementation and development of its standards; to do the needed groundworks to increase the effectiveness of the top management's internal audit function.
  20. To pundertake other duties given by the minister and/or top director.



  1. Authority to make decisions, take measures and implement the duties related to the department in accordance with the programs deemed appropriate by the Rectorate,
  2. Authority to make recommendations to the Secretary-General to take new precaution and authorizations  which might be need to conduct the duties healthier, quicker  and more efficient
  3. Authority to grant excuse leave for the personnel affiliated to the department for up to half a day, to determine the annual leave usage times, to make recommendations to the Secretary General for personnel procedures such as appreciation, reward, and displacement,
  4. Authority to make recommendations to the Secretary General to take new precaution and authorizations
  5. Authority of the staff of the registry as the registry supervisor and to propose disciplinary penalties stipulated in the disciplinary regulations.


  1. Responsibility towards the Secretary General and the Rector for the fulfillment of the duties in accordance with the Constitution, Law, Decree Law and the provisions of the regulations, communiqués, circulars and other legislations issued accordingly.


  1. Strategy Development Department carries out the work and operations in its duties and jurisdictions with affiliated units and branch managers and affiliated staff working in these units.